What is the Roar Response Programme?

1 in 6 children in the UK have a diagnosed mental health illness, with many more struggling with un-diagnosed issues. Childhood should be a carefree, fun time, but sometimes children and young people face emotional and even traumatic experiences that may be related to school and educational situations.

Being expected to deal with problems and challenges life presents can become quite overwhelming for some, leading to anxiety, stress and even depression. We can’t control life’s situations, but being able to thrive despite these challenges comes from having strong skills of resilience.

"There is a need for staff training. However, this training should not aim to train staff to become a mental health professional. Instead, it should focus on how to recognise the signs of mental health problems, where to go to get help, what to expect from outside help and importantly what to do when staff do not get the help they know they should." Member of staff, SEN school.

The ROAR Response aims to do just that. As a first-line response aimed at equipping frontline professionals with the tools to provide early intervention and support to children experiencing mental distress.

Watch how staff and pupils at Blessed Sacrament Primary School have embraced the ROAR approach throughout the school, in everyday life.


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