Tony Niemen

Mental Health Promotion Worker

My professional role has spanned over two decades in varied responsibilities working with young people as a youth worker, learning mentor and mental health promotion worker. My flexible experience and approach have enabled me to work in various situations ranging from youth clubs, to children’s homes and schools.

My work has focused on building valued and real relationships with young people enabling me to use various skills and abilities that have helped me to create platforms of trust and safety within each circumstance. My experience has led me to work in 1-1 sessions, small groups and large events using various mediums of poetry, rap and music to communicate key and important issues relating to mental health.

Having achieved my qualification in youth work, I then furthered my experience and ability through personal development, where I completed the Enhanced Evidence-Based Practice Programme (EEBP), where Resilience & CBT underpin the training and work with young people, families and professionals developing strategies and techniques tackling difficulties and mental health struggles.