Who is ROAR SEND for?

The course is for any professional working with children and young people wanting to gain a deeper understanding of how to support the mental health needs alongside any other additional needs a child or young person may have and to take a whole school or setting approach to brain difference or neuro-diversity. The course provides fun, interactive ways to explore this along with a comprehensive training manual.

Thank you so much for the fantastic training. I found the course both enjoyable and interesting. It has enhanced my knowledge as regards sensory processing, anxiety and mental health issues and other topics around Neurotypical brains. I liked the fact that you could relate the training to the needs of the child/young person building upon their confidence and resilience.

Why is it important?

16% of children and young people in England have a Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND): Mentally Healthy Schools; unfortunately, the prevalence of mental health problems is overrepresented in our children and young people with additional needs to SEMH.

Autistic children are 28 times more likely to think about suicide or attempt suicide, a quarter of children who died by suicide immediately before and after lockdown were ASC or ADHD (Autistica 2020). These specific needs are often overlooked; there are many reasons for this which the course explores, with other risk and protective factors. It examines how promoting inclusivity, tackling stigma and discrimination through a whole school approach to brain difference can support mental health and wellbeing.

Thank you for the sessions. Really enjoyed them not only because of working with young people with SEND, but also because I am mum of one very temperamental little girl. Instead of focusing on labelling, I decided to work on her emotion and my communication with her.

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