Who is ROAR Essentials for?

ROAR Essentials is a condensed course that provides professionals with the key messages that support all the ROAR programs.

It focuses on mental health where it not only underpins ROAR ethos of spotting the signs but also works alongside the CPD session promoting the whole school approach by equipping all members of the school team. This training condenses ROAR by highlighting its fundamental message whilst also considering personal and individual impact along with that of the children and young people.

Its value has been not only with school staff but has also included student teachers at university where they are able to utilise both the strategies and resources of the program. Each delegate will be provided with a certificate along with a ROAR Essential booklet.

What difference will the course make?

ROAR Essentials provides delegates with the essential skills to spot the signs of poor mental health amongst CYP and individuals while promoting and supporting a whole-school approach. Its success has also been highly appreciated within Hope University where the programme has been delivered to all students training to be teachers.

Whilst ROAR identifies and targets key professionals, ROAR Essentials reinforces the strategies and resources of ROAR.