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Which members of the workforce is this programme aimed at?

The course is aimed at school staff working in primary schools.

These professionals will then, in turn, deliver the programme to staff in their schools and parents/carers. We also encourage schools to send a second member of staff who is more involved in hands-on delivery with young people.

What are the professional benefits in completing the programme?

The programme has been designed as a whole school approach and should therefore have benefit across many aspects of school life. One of the key findings of the citywide review on children’s mental health in schools, was that staff wanted more training on how to spot signs and symptoms of mental distress and how to offer interventions that would stop problems escalating further. ROAR aims to meet this need, providing information around the most common mental health issues and how to spot the signs, and giving cognitive behaviour therapy based tools for you to use with the children that you work with.

Are there any eligibility criteria?

We recommend that staff members coming on this course have a position in their schools from which to influence the whole-school approach around mental health. As a key part of this course is the train the trainer CPD element, delegates should be willing to present a session back at their schools following attendance on the ROAR training.

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