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ROAR Response to racial trauma (face to face)


02/12/2024 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


Merseyside Youth Association Ltd
65-67 Hanover Street Liverpool

The ROAR Response to Racial Trauma provides a reflective framework for teachers, educational staff and other professionals to provide an authentic trauma-sensitive environment that considers the impact of Racial Trauma and its cultural intersectionality.


Raising awareness and understanding of Racial trauma in terms of live trauma, vicarious, historical, and community trauma. Using methods of experiential learning, individual, relational, and systematic reflection, the course helps professionals work towards a resilient classroom that is racially just and, therefore, on the pathway to being trauma-informed, with the acknowledgement that this is an ongoing, ever-changing journey.


The course is a one- day face to face due to the nature of the course, zoom not advised.


Module One: How to create a safe space where racial trauma can be acknowledged, voiced and visible. The importance of self-reflection and awareness in trauma-informed practice. The introduction of the framework to support understanding of race and other cultural intersectionality.


Module Two: What do we mean by Racial Trauma? What can we see in our young people? What are we not seeing and failing to understand ( The ROAR Iceberg with a racial-trauma lens), and what is the importance of relational and systematic reflection?


Module Three: Language and Terminology. Language is personal through a trauma-informed lens. Exploring language and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.


Module Four: Allyship. What is it? How do we use are power of being an Ally? Benefits of Allyship over sympathy. Empathy is needed but needs to be followed with compassion – the behaviour following the feeling of empathy.


Module Five: Working towards a trauma-informed resilient classroom. How do we create a culturally compassionate classroom, curriculum and compassionate relationships for our young people and staff?


Pre-course session: For senior leaders exploring the content from a strategic perspective, aligning the ROAR Response to Racial Trauma to the Whole School Approach Model to mental health. Senior leads will be given an audit tool/ reflection document to complete prior to the training.  ONE HOUR SESSION delivered via zoom.

This session will go ahead approximately a month before the training and details will be sent to you once you place has been confirmed.




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