About the programme

The course responds to the top five CPD priorities identified by primary schools across Liverpool; Emotional difficulties, Behavioral difficulties, Parental mental distress, Anxiety and Neurodevelopmental conditions.


Commitments and expectations

As the designated member of staff receiving this training you will be

  • Equipped to respond to specific mental health needs within your school.

  • Given resources to deliver a 2 hour CPD session within your school setting to give the whole school staff a general understanding of child mental health and introduce them to the ROAR model.

  • Provided with lesson plans (KS1 and one for KS2) to build awareness around mental health and resilience that can be delivered to each class by member of staff.

  • Given resources to deliver a children's mental health awareness session for parents within your school setting.

How will the programme work?

The course has been developed around the needs of schools as identifies in a citywide review of whole school approaches to mental health published in March 2017. The course will cover the following:

  • Introduction to children’s mental health and the ROAR response.
  • ROAR response to Anxiety in children.
  • ROAR response to Emotional Difficulties in children.
  • ROAR response to Behaviour as Communication in children.
  • ROAR response to Parental Mental Distress.
  • How to implement ROAR in your school.



1 in 10 children in the UK have a diagnosed mental health illness, with many more struggling with un-diagnosed issues.


Book onto the ROAR training

Courses for teachers will take place at Merseyside Youth Association in Liverpool.